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Great Food - Served Locally since 1963:

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    Over 8 million served...

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    The Corner Dog House has been serving the the same great tasting chili recipe since 1963... Isn't it time that you revisited that great taste?

    Visit us soon for a classic hot dog...

    Owned and operated by Steve and Sherry Willinger.

  • The Corner Dog House has a tasty menu - with a mix of traditional hot dogs alongside some great new dishes. . Drop on by today!

  • New Locations

    Piney Flats, Whites Shopping Center - Opening August 2007

the corner dog house

Situated on a hill in a quiet residential section of Bristol, Va., The Corner Dog House has been serving the same kind of hot dogs and using the same chili recipe since 1963.

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Location: 102 East Mary Street, Bristol, Va.

Hours: Open Monday through Saturday, 10:30 a.m. to 6 p.m.

Phone: (276) 669-2231

The corner dog house - Serving the same great tasting hot dogs & chili recipe since 1963!


Franchise Information

the corner dog house franchise - is the fastest growing hot dog franchise this side of the mississippi. contact us for details...